Letho Ferron 2: Hastrom City Rising is ready!

For anyone who has been waiting, I am happy to report that everything is in place for a January 2nd release of Hastrom City Rising: The Adventures of Letho Ferron, Book 2.

For sure the kindle edition will be ready to go.  In fact you can pre-order by clicking here.


The paperback version is in the works, and should be ready to go on January 2 as well.  It all depends on whether or not everything passes inspection at createspace.com.

Digital rewards have been sent to kickstarter contributors. I ordered posters today, and will order paperbacks for contributors when they are available. So expect to receive your bonuses very soon. 

Can't wait for you to read the new book!  

Happy New Year,


Doug Rickaway

Thanks from the bottom (and the top) of my heart!

One of my worst fears is being eaten by a bear or other wild animal.  One of my other worst fears is becoming the butt of an internet joke.  I must confess that I put off starting my kickstarter campaign until the last possible minute for this very reason.  

I was afraid of making a video because I didn't want to be that guy who lacks the self-awareness to understand how hilariously misguided he is.  We've all seen these people making music, writing novels, and generally creating art that is not very good, and somehow, throughout all their human interactions, no one has bothered to tell them so.  Think of the poor laughingstocks that are on American Idol who appear to have no idea how terrible they really are.  I didn't want my kickstarter campaign to appear on Buzzfeed's worst, lamest, most ridiculous kickstarters whose creators should probably punch themselves in the face repeatedly.

But I did it.  Or more to the point, we did it.  I am a rather pessimistic person, and within a day or two of starting the campaign I had already hatched "plan b", which was selling musical instruments to fund the costs of editing my book if the campaign failed.  But my friends, and even a few people that I have never met, came through in a huge way.  I can't tell you how humbled I am by the support.  It means a lot that people  care enough/have enough faith in me/liked the first book enough to contribute and help me see this product through to completion.  

In honor of your contributions, I promise to write the best novel that I can.  I have been working hard on it for months now, and will continue to do so until the job is done.  And I can't wait for you to discover where Letho is headed next.  I look forward to sharing this new story with you and hearing what you think of it!



Authors, read this.

So we've all been tempted.  We've received the bad review that accused our book of a literary failure that the reader would have just understood if they'd...Well, you get my point.  Sometimes the struggle to "not respond" is real.  I, being a good-natured, even-keeled individual never thought that there could be negative repercussions to such a response, for example, as "Hey, sorry you didn't like the cliffhanger at the end of the book, hope you'll consider reading the next entry.".  But apparently there is an entire sub-culture of folks who enjoy "cat fishing" authors and in general ruining their careers.  For those who are not familiar with the terminology, according to urban dictionary, cat fishing is:

The phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional/romantic relationships (over a long period of time.

This of course includes the relationship between an author and his readership.  At any rate, this whole blog post is a lead up to an article which I think all authors should read for their own edification.  I am just glad that I haven't, as an author, engaged in any of the behavior that encapsulates  "bad behaving authors".  

Read the article below:


We've reached the halfway mark, folks.

15 days to go.  I am blazing through the final draft, on target to deliver to my editor.  That's where you come in.  I won't be able to pay this wonderful man to help me give you the sequel that you deserve, good people, if this kickstarter campaign doesn't come off.  Click here to visit my kickstarter campaign and contribute today!


Who wouldn't want to read this book?  A LAME person, that's who.

Who wouldn't want to read this book?  A LAME person, that's who.

23 days to go...

I just posted my first update to the Hastrom City kickstarter.  I have been working with artist extraordinaire Brian Fajardo to create the cover for the new book, and he sent me the first rough sketch this morning.  Not sure where he lives exactly, but he must be in a different time zone, because I got it around 5 am.  What a great thing to wake up to!

NERDBRAIN EXPLOSION.  The feeling of having your characters perfectly realized is indescribable.  It's pretty much like all of my collective Christmas mornings wrapped up into one.  To see the characters drawn with such skill...well, it's just cool.  It's almost like magic, when something that previously existed solely in your mind suddenly becomes tangible, and you can show it to people and say: "that's what Letho looks like", or "that's what a slave bear/Tarsi looks like".  It's a lot less embarrassing than saying: "so, there are these big, green, furry aliens that resemble bears".  Ok that will probably always be a little embarrassing, but when you can point to excellent cover art like this, well it makes it a little easier.

I need your help, folks.  I need you to spread the word, to preach the gospel of Letho to the masses.  We are 23 days out, and I am at 31% funding.  My worst fear right now is that we get down to the wire and it's so close, and it just doesn't make it through.  

But that isn't going to happen, because Letho Ferron fans are awesome, and probably also very intelligent and attractive.  


Anyways, shameless pandering aside, here is the link to the kickstarter update and the glorious eye candy.