Weight Loss Adventure Update

I am not sure exactly how many weeks I have been lifting/exercising, but I think it's been three weeks.  So far no appreciable change in my body shape, but I know that will come in time, provided that I don't give up.  However, I have noticed that my energy levels, general outlook, and mood have improved significantly. 

I wouldn't have been able to do this if my good friend Phillip Hintze hadn't invited me to work out.  It took me a week or two to finally get around to joining him, but so far it has been really awesome.  He's been very patient as I fumble around the weight room and execute reps semi-awkwardly.  A brief note:  if you are thinking about starting a work out/exercise routine, an accountability partner is paramount.  It is much harder to force yourself to get up in the morning without one.  Thanks, Phillip!

I have been struggling with eating, though.  I usually try to limit my intake of "bad food" to one day a week, but sometimes "cheat days" become "cheat weekends".  Don't even get me started on the amount of candy I ate Saturday during an all day Region Orchestra tryout judging session .  If I can train myself not to think of bad food as a reward for hard work or stressful situations I might fare a little better.

On the writing front, I must confess that I haven't made much progress.  I spent a little time working in Fulcrum this week, making a few adjustments for a second edition I am planning on releasing next year.  Then there's the second book in the trilogy that I need to work on.  I am torn between diving into that book and finishing up the zombie novel that I started.  Hope the block clears up soon, and I can get back in that place where it feels good to write.