Weight Loss Adventure Pt. 2

So I am happy to report that I am on my second week of successful exercise.  I am lifting weights MWF (M-chest, W-back, F-legs).  I am working on implementing some cardio on the days I am not lifting.  This has been more difficult as I am using my elliptical at home and have less motivation/accountability.  I did, however, get up and use it this morning.   

I have been watching what I eat, but have had a few cheat days.  I am trying to work on my eating habits, identifying triggers that make me want to eat when I am not hungry.  One of my problems is stress-related eating.  When I have a hard day at work I tend to want to "reward" myself by eating junk food.  So I am trying to train myself to recognize these bouts for what they are and not succumb to them.  

I have not weighed myself because I tend to get discouraged if the weight loss is not happening as well as I want it to.  Instead, for the time being I will go by the "clothes" measure.  I will gauge my progress by how my clothes fit. The shirt I am wearing today is a little more baggy than usual, so I will consider that a sign of progress.   

Mentally I am feeling much clearer.  It's amazing how much stress and anxiety can cloud your thought processes.  Couple stress/anxiety with junk food, and they work together, multiplying the effect to create a sort of haze that makes it difficult to think straight.  And again it's a cycle of behavior that is hard to break.  You keep eating bad food because you feel bad.  But you feel bad because you aren't getting enough exercise, and you can't find motivation to exercise because you have no energy and are depressed.  Because you are eating bad food...lather, rinse repeat ad nauseum.  

My energy levels have increased.  I still haven't found time to sit down and write anything new, but I did have a fellow author in my community, Ron Rozelle, read Fulcrum and give me some pointers.  I have already made those edits and included them in the currently available version of my novel. I have also commissioned a new cover for Fulcrum that I am really excited to reveal, but I think I am going to wait until the second edition is ready. 

That's right, I am planning on releasing a second edition in January.  It will feature a professional edit, and maybe some additional content.  I have contacted David Gatewood to give Fulcrum a good scrub.  If you don't know him, he is Hugh Howey's editor for the excellent Wool series.  

I can't wait for you guys to read it!