Letho Ferron news

The groundwork has been laid for Letho Ferron Book 2, so for those of you who want to know what happens to Letho and friends: fear not, I already have a large part of the work done. 

When I finished the first draft of Fulcrum I realized that I had two complete story arcs in one.  I also realized that the two stories were rather thin on details and character development.  The first draft felt more like a screenplay, describing events almost exactly as they would appear in a film.  

I thought about how people outside my head didn't know the characters as well as I did.  They weren't privy to their inner thoughts and desires.  Knowing at least a little of what is going on in a character's head is important, otherwise you don't understand the choices they make, or the choices simply have no meaning.  I also received criticism regarding lack of setting description; clearly I was not sharing enough detail in my descriptions of the places and people that I saw in my head.  

With all of this in mind I split the first draft in half, and went about fleshing out my bare bones sketch into a finished work.  I diagrammed the basic structure of a Fulcrum station, and thought about how it would be built if someone actually made one of these things and how it would function.  This made it easier to describe Letho's commute to work in better detail as well as the "underneath" where the slave bears dwell.   

My main focus was character development.  I wanted to make sure that the characters felt real, that they had distinct traits, idiosyncrasies, and motivations.  Of course most of the attention went to Letho, as he is the main POV character.  I hope that my additions made him stand out a little bit from the plentiful stock of "young man who finds his destiny and goes on a great adventure characters".  I also wanted to lay the ground work for what is going to happen to Letho and how he is going to change in future installments.  It won't be all rainbows and sunshine for Mr. Ferron.  Expect some dark turns and twists.  

That leaves the second half, which will be the first draft of book 2 (currently untitled, though Hastrom City has a nice ring to it).  We will pick up with Letho and crew as they make their way into a very abandoned Centennial Fulcrum Station that floats aimlessly within Eursus' orbit.  In search of the missing Fulcrum citizens they land on planet Eursus and are confronted with a shocking truth about Abraxas' and Alastor's plan.  Their survival skills will be tested as they fight for their lives against marauders and mutants in the wastelands that encircle Hastrom City.  


Stay tuned for more details!