So the book is selling now...

People have asked me what my goal was from a sales perspective.  I never really set a goal, other than sharing my story with as many people as possible.  But there is one thing that has been stuck in my mind throughout the whole process.   

Self-publishing your own work is scary. There are absolutely no guarantees, no safety blanket.  If one actually makes it through the the traditional publishing gauntlet, at least one's work has been vetted and edited by professionals.  When one goes it alone, one can soar to great heights, or become the victim of poor reviews and even internet mockery.  

Before the advent of digital self publishing it was said that the typical self-published author sells an average of one hundred and fifty copies of his book, usually to family and friends.  Such an undertaking was called "vanity publishing", and usually ended with the author making zero dollars and having boxes of unsold books in his garage.   

Self publishing isn't like that anymore.  The middle man has been pushed to the side, at least for this part of the market.  There is no one in between an author and her fans.  She gets to keep total control of her intellectual property, and all publishing rights.  All royalties go to the author directly, with amazon taking a small cut, of course.  In the end the readers decide.  If they like your book they will buy it. They will tell their friends and family about it.  If not, it will languish. 

I am happy to report that, no matter what happens from here on out, I have surpassed the average of one hundred fifty sold.  It was sort of an unspoken goal, a hurdle that needed to be leaped over.  I am quite content with this small victory.