Some time ago I began shaving with a straight razor.  My weapon of choice is a Dovo Ebenholz 5/8 silver steel razor with a full hollow ground.  Gentlemen,  if you have never shaved with a straight razor, or had a barber do it for you,  it's an exquisite treat.  Stropping the razor.  Lathering up the shave soap with a badger-hair brush.  Applying the lather and taking your first stroke.  All very sensual. 

The straight razor is sometimes crudely referred to as a cutthroat razor.  The blade is not forgiving.  If you lose focus for a moment it will bite into your skin with such sharpness that you barely feel it.  In fact you might not even realize that you nicked yourself until you see a bead of blood welling up.  But that's what the styptic pen is for.  

The first time I used the razor I applied some horizontal movement by accident and learned a lesson.  It sliced right into my skin and put a pretty good cut in my cheek. I still have a the faint trace of a scar to remind me.  It was an accident, a moment of clarity loss that resulted in pain.   Every day we are faced with similar situations with varying threat levels.  When we drive sometimes  we glance down at our phone or check the time on the dashboard, presuming that other drivers will maintain their current position during that split second.  We drive over bridges believing that the weight of our car will not be the final straw that pushes the structure past load bearing limits. 

 What if a nearby car swerves to avoid debris in that moment when you are looking at your phone?  What if the structural integrity of the bridge has truly reached its breaking point?  What if someone bumps your arm just as you begin to shave the delicate skin of your neck?  There are no guarantees.  What would our lives be like if we actually lived each day like it was our last?  It's very easy to subscribe to that adage, but most of us don't really change our patterns in any meaningful way.  Life can be cutthroat.  So hug your loved ones and tell them you love them as many times as you can.  Try something new from time to time.  Do something that scares you. Don't let life catch you when you aren't looking.