Kickstarter is a go!

So I made my first kickstarter campaign today.  Head on over and check out the video that my good friend and former student Danny Kilpatrick put together for me.  I hope you'll consider contributing. 

One of the things of the many things I have learned throughout this whole process is that good editing is very important.  When I finished the manuscript for the first novel, I felt pretty comfortable that it was a solid effort, certainly better than many of the self-published novels I have read that were doing well and continue to do so.  

It took me actually going through the editing process with an excellent editor to see what they can bring to the table, and how much they can improve one's writing.  I feel like the second edition of LF book 1 was so much more polished and focused than the first, due to David's excellent editing.  I actually used profits from the first book to pay for the editing, which, while worth every penny, ain't cheap.  

This time I plan on doing it the right way: edit before publishing.  A novel concept, right (PUN INTENDED)? But I need your help.  I wouldn't ask for your help, dear reader, if I had piles of cash sitting around, but since my wife and I are both public school teachers, and this is still a thing I do for fun and artistic fulfillment and not a bill payer, I can't do it on my own.  My hope is that as I continue to write and develop a fan base that there will be money coming in that I can set aside for editing costs on future novels.  I have heard through the twitterwebs (TM) that it takes an independent author four to five books before things start to pick up.  I'm ambitious, and confident in my work, so I think it's only going to take me two or three.  So I'm effectively asking you to help me launch my writing career.  Thank you for reading and of course, should you decide to donate, every penny is gratefully accepted.  These stories have been bouncing around in my head, crying to get out, for around ten years now. Thanks for helping me bring them to life.  


Check out my kickstarter campaign here!