23 days to go...

I just posted my first update to the Hastrom City kickstarter.  I have been working with artist extraordinaire Brian Fajardo to create the cover for the new book, and he sent me the first rough sketch this morning.  Not sure where he lives exactly, but he must be in a different time zone, because I got it around 5 am.  What a great thing to wake up to!

NERDBRAIN EXPLOSION.  The feeling of having your characters perfectly realized is indescribable.  It's pretty much like all of my collective Christmas mornings wrapped up into one.  To see the characters drawn with such skill...well, it's just cool.  It's almost like magic, when something that previously existed solely in your mind suddenly becomes tangible, and you can show it to people and say: "that's what Letho looks like", or "that's what a slave bear/Tarsi looks like".  It's a lot less embarrassing than saying: "so, there are these big, green, furry aliens that resemble bears".  Ok that will probably always be a little embarrassing, but when you can point to excellent cover art like this, well it makes it a little easier.

I need your help, folks.  I need you to spread the word, to preach the gospel of Letho to the masses.  We are 23 days out, and I am at 31% funding.  My worst fear right now is that we get down to the wire and it's so close, and it just doesn't make it through.  

But that isn't going to happen, because Letho Ferron fans are awesome, and probably also very intelligent and attractive.  


Anyways, shameless pandering aside, here is the link to the kickstarter update and the glorious eye candy.