An update on Book 2, Hastrom City.

Dear fans of Letho Ferron,


I wanted update you on the status of book 2.  I haven't gotten as far along as I wanted to this summer.  You'd be amazed how hard it is to get anything done when you have all the time in the world...but that's a subject for another blog.  

The first draft came in at about 39,000 words.  It wasn't much of a draft., more of a sketch, really, written by an inexperienced author eager to get his story out to the world.   But the broad strokes have been laid out, and the "skeleton" of story is in place.  I am currently in the process of putting some vital organs and meat on that skeleton.  I would say I am roughly one-fifth of the way done with the second draft, and the word count is right around 50,000 words.  My target for the second novel is 100,000.  Book two is a much larger story, spanning a greater world and introducing new characters and complications to Letho's life.  He is still the wise-cracking reluctant leader, but the paths he is being thrust upon now are forcing him to make some decisions that may surprise you.  To say the least, you are going to see some new sides of Letho that some may find shocking, though he gave readers glimpses of them in the first book.  

I am on the books to turn in a final draft to editor extraordinaire, David Gatewood, in October.  So you can expect book 2 to be released in Late October/Early December, if the Tarsi are willing.  During that time I will be calling upon your help via kickstarter or indiegogo (havent decided yet) to help me fund the costs of editing and cover artwork.  My goal is to release a much more polished product right off the bat, instead of having to release a second edited edition later as I did with Book 1.  Mistakes were made, and much was learned.  The second book is already benefiting from the learning process of producing and publishing a novel independently.  

While you wait, if you haven't already, make sure you have an updated copy of Fulcrum (second edition) on your kindle.  or you can purchase the paperback here.  Also, learn a little more about Letho's world (la la la-lah, la la la-lah, Letho's world) in this short story set at the very beginning, when things were first set in motion that put Letho on a literal crash course with his destiny.  You can purchase The Dragon That Fell From the Sky here.