Interview with Ammar Habib coming soon.

I'll be posting an interview with local author, Ammar Habib.  He recently wrote a book called Dark Guardian, published by Zharmae Publishing.  Read below to find out more about Ammar and his new novel!


It has been four years since Ethan Daniels stepped foot in Crown City. Four long years that he allowed everyone to believe he was dead and gone. But now he's back, and with a vengeance.

After the gruesome death of his adopted sister at the hands of a merciless gang, there is nothing he wants more than revenge. He can't sleep, he can't think; all he hears are her cries in his ears and all he sees is her death in his mind.

Ethan comes home to take on one of the world's most notorious crime lords in his bid for revenge, but he doesn't expect a reunion with Katrina, the girl he loved as a boy. After multiple re-encounters with her, Ethan's resolve begins to waver as he is forced to realize that he can't have both love and vengeance. Retribution exacts a price, and fate—well, she has plans of her own.

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Author’s Bio:

Ammar was born in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1993. His mother and father are originally from Pakistan, but moved to Tennessee in the mid 1980s and to Texas in 1990.

It has always been a dream of Ammar’s to become a published author and he is very excited about seeing that dream come true. Ammar enjoys crafting stories that are not only entertaining, but also have something useful to say to the reader.

Ammar presently resides in his birthplace of Lake Jackson, Texas. He lives with his family, all of whom are his biggest fans. He is currently working on continuing to advance his writing career, growing his marketing business, and getting his bachelor degree in Business Management from Brazosport College.

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Death had become an intimate part of Ethan’s life over these past few years.

It had been a companion to him for far too long. Nearer to him than any friend he had

ever had. Sown into his very making.

Ethan never thought that this day would come. David had always seemed immortal; he

had been the one steady rock in Ethan’s life. But now he was gone. Forever. And the worst part was that Ethan had not been there to see him put to rest.