Book Two!

Here is an update on the status of book two for those who are eagerly waiting.  I thought you might appreciate some real dates and figures!


I have been working on book two for quite some time now, while also juggling being a full time husband, dad, and orchestra teacher (order of importance).  Between being "baby", "daddy", and "Mr. Rickaway" I am often pulled in different directions, and I take all three of these jobs very seriously.  It's hard to wind down after a day of waving my arms, baton in hand, answering questions and cultivating the fertile minds of children that my community entrusts me with.  Long story short: I have been dealing with considerable writer's block.  Like Stephen King said, a day of teaching feels like attaching a car battery to your brain, and it's pretty hard to craft a multi-tiered post apocalyptic world that builds on the one I started in book one, while enhancing and expanding the horizons.  

Ok, I am done whining.  Is anyone still there?  *crickets*.  Ok, so my plan is to finish up book 2 by the end of October.  Upon completion it will be delivered into the capable hands of editor extraordinaire, David Gatewood.  Not sure how long the editing process will take, but let's say at least two weeks.  Provided that the artwork is done for the cover, I should have a product for you in mid November, or possibly December.  

Editing is not cheap, and I am but a public school teacher.  I will be calling upon you to help me via a kickstarter campaign.  Expect information regarding this campaign soon via this website, Facebook, and twitter.  I humbly ask for your support in this via contribution, if you are able, and by sharing it with you friends and family.  A former student of mine and good friend by the name of Danny Kilpatrick will be filming a nice video explaining what I am doing and why I need your hard earned clams.  You can check out his youtube videos here.  (Some saucy language, viewer beware!)  

The video will feature a theme song composed and performed by none other than yours truly.  Based on your support level, you could earn some cool swag like original sketches of Letho Ferron characters that I did years ago as well as some concept art I sketched more recently while finalizing the first book.  

Keep coming back for more details!