Today Was a Good Day

It's really easy to get discouraged as a teacher in the modern public school system.  Sometimes you feel under-appreciated.  Sometimes overworked.  Sometimes you just wish that you could go one day without having to say "please put away your cell phone" seventeen times per class period.  

And then sometimes one of your former students agrees to help you film a video for your kickstarter campaign because he wants to thank you for being kind to him during his adolescent years, a turbulent time for all of us, if you can remember that far back.  

Today was a long day!  I drove to Austin, TX to meet up with Danny Kilpatrick, a former orchestra student of mine.  We spent a few hours putting together a video for my upcoming kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production costs of the  sequel to Fulcrum.  It was a harrowing experience for me, because apparently when you put me in front of a camera I revert to my twelve year old self reciting the preamble to the constitution while in the same classroom as the cute girl I'm sweet on.  But Danny helped me through it.  I can't wait for you guys to see what he comes up with.  He has a youtube channel, go check out his work.  Videos contain adult language, so if that bothers you go watch Doc McStuffins videos or something.  

I was able to visit with my sister, who also lives in Austin, and after a very delicious burger called The Big Lebowski from a restaurant called Big Daddy's, I ended up deciding to head back home.   Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight, and glad that the 6+ total hours of driving are over.