Long time since I rapped at ya...

Anyone out there in TV land get the reference above to an obscure recurrent article from a fake person that was once featured on theonion.com?  Anyways, back to my post. 

My website has sat untouched since December.  It’s been gnawing at me from somewhere back in the subterranean depths of my mind, where I like to stuff things that I want to keep out of mind-sight. I have thought of a few things to post here and there, but something always comes up that keep me from actually sitting down, typing something and releasing it for consumption. Part of it is that, starting with January, my plate gets really full with concerts and competitions.  Thankfully my plate is about to get real empty; the summer is when I do a lot of my writing.

Moments ago I opened up the word document containing the scant few words I have committed to the third installment in the Adventures of Letho Ferron. 

I opened the file, looked at the title, scrolled down to the opening scene, then decided to write a blog update instead.  If I’m being completely honest with myself, and you, dear reader, I am scared to press forward. People much smarter and infinitely more successful than I have said that writing is a very lonely process.  It is alternatively terrifying and sublime.  A blank canvas sits in front of you, cursor blinking patiently, waiting for you to carve out your work of art.  The possibilities are truly endless.

And that’s where it gets scary. It is very easy to get paralyzed by all the possibilities. It’s a lot easier to waste a few hours in GTA 5, or watch another episode of Game of Thrones, or in this case, write a long overdue blog post to justify the monthly domain/website cost.

When I wrote the first draft of Letho’s first adventure, Fulcrum, it actually contained the story arcs that would comprise both books one and two, with very little of those important details, like setting description and character development.  People seem to like those things. Hell, with a little bit of formatting it could have easily been a tight little script for a movie, or maybe a graphic novel. Not exactly a compelling novel in its first incarnation.

So I split the two story arcs and fleshed them out as individual entries in the series. As I started drafting book two, it was very comforting to know that I already had the whole story plotted out, a skeleton if you will.  I just had to add the meat back to the bones.  And I had been carrying the story in my mind for at least a decade, which had given me plenty of time to hash it out before committed it to paper.

But book three is new territory. I think I subscribe to Stephen King’s method of writing to a certain degree.  I like to let the characters live, breathe, and tell me the story. But this goes back to my original notion: it’s scary. As the writer, you have to decide if what you and your characters have come up with is the true version of the story. 

Things got dark for Letho and crew in the second novel. And I think it’s going to get even darker in book three.  Letho is troubled, and broken, just like all of us.  He doesn’t know the answers, and he’s completely aware of this.  When you combine this with the fact that he has powers beyond his comprehension (and sometimes beyond his control)…well you can understand the level of torment this could bring to a person.

At any rate, I should probably stop writing about the book and actually write it!